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Having spent the first four years of my life in Aspen Colorado, when it was just another small mountain town, Western Colorado has continuously drawn me back to my roots. As a young girl I was enthralled with the adventures in beauty, exploring the Rocky Mountains on foot and on horseback.

I have worked with clay since childhood, along with drawing, it is the clearest way for me to express the particular joy I find in nature. Being raised in Manhattan and Colorado, I attended Dalton, in NYC, where, drawing , working with clay and dance where part of leaning. Stopping at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum, was part of my life. Art that sings life's dance has always caught my eye. Just as the line of the cave drawings and the ancient Annasazi pottery, evokes a chorus of melodic forms of nature's dance. Pottery, painting and photography joyously expresses nature's continuous dance.

Having spent time in France, Spain, England, Scotland, and Italy, with a B.A. in Fine Arts, and an A.A. in Commercial Art (being an Art Director in Denver), I now create pottery and paintings, and teach art therapy, in lovely Grand Junction, Colorado. Here there is open space, surrounded by mountains and wide desert vistas, and of course rivers, hence the city's name.

artist statement

Having been a production potter and an art director, I am now on my third stage of artistic exploration, working with my unique crystalline glazed porcelain pottery and monotypes, multi-media paintings, and photography of Western Slope landscapes. As the land around us moves through the seasons, my work gives expression to its natural dance.

I discover my sense of centered self not only working with clay, but in all the possibilities of my 2-dimensional work. I always hope to share that joy with others .

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